The Queens of Chaos 

The Queens of Chaos is a new Middle Eastern or Belly Dance company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our dancers are well trained, and professional. Our dancers have experience dancing at nightclubs, parties, restaurants, and local festivals to live and recorded music. The Queens are available for booking as a group or individually. 
We offer a wide range of choreographed and improvisational material, incorporating finger cymbals, sword balancing, veil, wings, cane, live drumming and more. Our costuming options include cabaret, folkloric and fantasy. 
Queens of Chaos are available for booking: 
Family Style Events/Birthdays/Special Celebrations
Restaurants and Nightclubs
Cultural Events and Festivals 
The Queens of Chaos are available to dance for Festivals, Belly-grams, Weddings, Parties, Banquets, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bosses Day, and other special occasions – always fun, always professional and always a high standard of excellence. 

If you want professional, fun and friendly Middle Eastern Belly Dance for your next event, call the Queens!